Move your world with the
Atlas JSV from Gravely®

Gravely Atlas JSV utility vehicle front

The Ultimate Job
Site Vehicle.

The jobsite can be unforgiving. Unapologetic. It’s a world unto itself, with its own rules, tools and terrain. And that’s exactly why we built the Atlas. From its fabricated steel cargo bed right down to pedal spacing optimized for work boots, everything about Atlas is designed for the jobsite. It’s a smooth-riding, quick-moving, mass-hauling workhorse of a vehicle, with the class-leading payload and towing capacity to prove it.

Haul Mass.

Gravely Atlas JSV bed with hay bale Gravely Atlas JSV bed with hay bale

When you’re on the jobsite, nothing’s worse than a UTV with a wimpy haul. Atlas doesn’t have that problem. With a class-leading bed capacity of 1250 lbs. and a 1900-lb. total payload, the Atlas JSV is tough enough to truly move your world.

  • Round-Bale


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    ft3 of

Gravely Atlas JSV utility vehicle on construction job site Gravely Atlas JSV utility vehicle front mud Gravely Atlas JSV utility vehicle at amusement park

Add to that industry-leading payload a full ton of towing capacity and you’ll see just how hard Atlas wants to work. Hitch up a full 2000 lbs. of trailer and cargo and you’ll get more done in less time. And with work-grade de Dion rear suspension, all that weight gets evenly distributed across the vehicle, so you’ll maintain your ground clearance and handling even when fully loaded.

Tow A Ton, Literally.

Gravely Atlas JSV steel cargo bed capacity
Gravely Atlas JSV utility vehicle dumping dirt

Electric cargo bed lift comes standard.

The Atlas JSV’s fabricated steel cargo bed is engineered to get the job done. The all steel MX-18 JOBBOX won’t buckle or bend under its class-leading 1250 lb. capacity. The sides stay put no matter the load, keeping a perfect tailgate fit— every time. Electric bed lift comes standard, so you can dump cargo with the touch of a button. And you can haul a fully loaded pallet thanks to a generous 18 cubic feet of cargo space.

  1. Four integrated tie-down points secure cargo.
  2. Extra-strong steel walls will never bow outward.
  3. Smooth inner tailgate allows easier cargo dumping.
  4. Accommodates standard wooden pallet size 48” x 40”

Load it up. Work it hard.

When you’re a leader in hauling and towing capacity, you need the suspension to handle it. That’s why Atlas comes outfitted with de Dion rear suspension. This is heavy-duty suspension, built for the jobsite. It minimizes sag, so Atlas can maintain full ground clearance even with cargo, tongue weight and towing maxed out. And the increased stiffness and generous wheel travel will keep your ride smooth over rough terrain.

Gravely Atlas JSV de Dion rear suspension

De Dion Rear Suspension.

Built for the jobsite.

Gravely Atlas JSV utility vehicle at farm Gravely Atlas JSV utility vehicle landscaping Gravely Atlas JSV utility vehicle on uneven terrain

Atlas gets more done. With a top speed of 35 mph, you can get across the jobsite in less time. But we all know you’re not driving all day. So when you get where you’re going, Atlas makes it as easy as possible to get out and get on with it. 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes bring you to a stop safely and quickly, even when loaded down. Park is integrated into the transmission, so there’s no need to find and engage a parking brake before exiting the vehicle. And built-in hip bolsters keep passengers safe when moving, but let you out more easily than cumbersome nets or half-doors.

35 mph Top Speed
4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes
10 Gallon Fuel Capacity

Workdays come in one variety: long. So we designed the Atlas JSV to keep you comfortable throughout a full day’s work. The cab seats three (or six) adults with plenty of room for easy entry and exit. Features like tilt steering, cupholders and ample under-seat and in-dash storage add to the convenience. Atlas is built with a profiled tubular frame for easy installation of cab enclosure accessories. Install a windshield, roof, doors and rear panel for a fully enclosed cab—and do it in just a few minutes. Add an optional heater kit and you’ve got a vehicle you can operate comfortably even in cold weather.

Gravely Atlas JSV utility vehicle cab enclosure
Gravely Atlas JSV utility vehicle side

A dual-range continuously variable transmission (CVT) ensures smooth, responsive acceleration, with the versatility of both low and high range operation. Pop the CVT into low range for maximum towing power and low speed control. Or switch over to high range for quick, efficient transportation across the jobsite. Park is integrated, so when you’re not in motion, there's no parking lever to find or forget to engage.

Atlas makes sure you always have the traction your jobsite demands. The AWD system automatically puts 100% of the JSV’s working power to the ground when you need more forward traction. When you don’t, it’s back to 2WD for optimal fuel efficiency. And when you need a lighter touch, switching to VersaTrac Turf Mode unlocks the rear differential for easier, tighter turns that won’t tear up the turf.

Gravely Atlas JSV utility vehicle back

We designed Atlas to take on any jobsite. With your choice of a gasoline or Diesel engine, you get a right-sized vehicle that brings more strength and efficiency to work, every day. The electronically fuel-injected DOHC gasoline engine pumps out the power and torque you need on the job, with smooth acceleration, high fuel efficiency and greater durability. This engine has been tested at 13,000 ft. and temperatures from -25° to 110°F, which means the Atlas is ready to work, even in the most severe environments. The Atlas JSV Diesel makes use of a 3-cylinder, 1028cc Kohler Diesel engine to maximize torque and traction across even the toughest terrains.

Operates in temps of -25° to 110°F
Gas or Deisel
Gravely Atlas JSV 3000 utility vehicle


Occupancy Seats 3 Adults
Payload Capacity 1,900 lbs.
Engine Type Gas or Diesel
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Gravely Atlas JSV 6000 utility vehicle


Occupancy Seats 6 Adults
Payload Capacity 2,100 lbs.
Engine Type Gas or Diesel
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